Our Igniters

aka: Ice-Breakers At ReKnight, we do 2 things: Boys. And these 2 actions are subtle solutions to the phrases ‘Disconnected …

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The time has come…

Screenshot 2023 06 10 101840

The Nerve-rackingly exciting moment we wanted to share with you. The Rebrand. — We surprised ourselves with how only a …

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The greatest BS

Screenshot 2023 04 25 122736

Is when someone states that they don’t have a purpose… There’s a big “you must have a big purpose otherwise …

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Young men DO NOT need to be fixed.It genuinely pains me when hear this language when educators describe their ‘pointy …

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Young Men & Worthlessness

Orange Knighted on horse Reknighted -School Wellbeing programs young men

You’re Worthless…This is what many young men hear daily. Especially if they’re not living to expectations.Especially if they’re not performing …

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